Municipal, Civic, & Government

Mabel Community Center

Mabel, Minnesota

We specialize in providing the client with an efficient, cost-effective, and innovative design. Vantage is there to assist from concept through construction using the competitive bid or design-build approach.

Our experience with municipal, civic and government building projects is extensive.


Projects in this category include:

  • Government Offices
  • Community Centers
  • Libraries
  • Highway Facilities
  • Police and Fire Stations
  • Park Shelter and Shower Houses
  • Public Utility Buildings
  • Maintenance Garages
  • Public Housing
  • Capital Improvement Projects
  • Facility Studies
  • Master Planning
Superior SWEF State Patrol Safety and Weight Enforcement Facilities
Mabel Community Center
St. Charles Library Minnesota
Fort McCoy DOIM Wisconsin

In the design process we consider functionality, building codes, safety regulations, and construction costs. We develop building plans, consult with clients, and visit building sites to monitor construction progress.

Consulting with the client is the first step in determining design requirements, project site, and budget. After creating the design, we coordinate the building process; and collaborate with other professionals, such as engineers, interior designers, landscape architects and construction contractors.

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