Master Planning

A Master Plan is a blueprint for the future. It is a comprehensive document, with a long-range view that is intended to guide development. Master Planning sets public policies regarding growth and development. The information and concepts presented in the master plan are intended to guide decisions on uses of land, as well as the provision of the public facilities.

Our process begins with an inventory and analysis of existing conditions, including a review of the setting, development history, and population characteristics. During master planning, an architect not only has to consider the actual buildings within that area, but also the space around it including the streets, parks, and public transportation system.

We will look at the area of land and decide how each piece within that land will be used. Master planning can be used for a church, a school campus, a hospital, or an entire city. Wherever there are pieces that need to fit into each other, Vantage Architects can put them together.

In order to get the master plan to work properly, and make all the pieces fit together, we analyze each individual component before moving onto another. During this analysis, we as a team will identify what is and what is not currently working within that certain area. We also assess future needs and problems that may occur. The master plan will then address these needs and problems, making sure that the area is properly equipped to handle future growth.

Developing a Master Plan is essential for any area that is going to experience growth because it can prevent some of the confusion that occurs along with future expansion and development.