Conceptual Design is the creation and exploration of new ideas with an actual concept in mind. This initial step will bring together the building program requirements and respond to the owner’s concept. Budget constraints will also enter into the design equation that ultimately results in a final conceptual design. The challenge is to interpret the ideas of the owner and convert them into a tangible building project.

Vantage Architects will typically prepare preliminary drawings or models depicting the ideas that have been formulated after a master plan has been developed or a requested site survey is completed.

We have many years of experience in preparing feasibility studies and sketched schemes for clients. This allows us to assess the viability of a particular site or building being considered for development.

 These sketch schemes form the basis of initial conversations regarding the proposed development. Then the concepts are eventually developed into full planning for building projects.

Conceptual designs can prove invaluable to support plan submissions, complex issues, or to assist our clients in visualizing the finished product.


First Evangelical Church Conceptual Sketch
Christ King Church Model
First Evangelical Church Conceptual Sketch
Pertzsch Watercolor